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_MG_5259As I think back to when I was a little girl I found myself always asking, “Can I push the button?” The camera is a fascinating invention, from the sound of the shutter, to the incredible gift of being able to freeze a priceless moment in time to remember forever. I grew up in a generation and time where camera’s were not as accessible as your phone in your back pocket! My dad was always that guy who had his huge camera bag with him at every event and moment to remember. He would carefully pull out his camera body, the proper lens and his flash for the optimum shot of the moment; or get out the huge not-so-discreet VHS video camera like a boom box over his shoulder. I loved this about My dad! Now I'm that mom pulling out my sniper everywhere I go being so proud of my three awesome kiddies. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Just like every season comes and goes, so do the years and moments of our life. Some seasons last longer and are more vivid in our memories and some go by very quickly. To me photos are a lasting treasure in our lives, to remember the excitement of the great moments and accomplishments, and the beauty of the tiny little pleasures and simple things God gives us daily. I feel Blessed to be able to share my love of art through photography; bring warmth and laughter, colour and texture, and most of all the simplicity and pure joy that is hidden in our everyday lives.


I am so blessed with an awesome Husband and life team mate Patrick, this man is stinking amazing! He’s the hands on kind of guy that can build our family a home and have a gourmet super on the table while juggling 3 kiddies. It’s not very often I get to share with the world how much I appreciate this guy, but I am taking my chance now. Most importantly, he has a huge heart for God, our children and the people in need across the world.

_MG_9472TBeing a mom is the most amazing, crazy, rewarding, difficult, emotional, hardest job in the world! Having children is a huge ingredient that makes me who I am today and the way I see the world. My 3 beautiful children bring me surprise, laughter, creativity, tears and every kind of emotion every day! It was when I was working at Starbucks and expecting my first child that I realized, I will do whatever it takes to work from my home and raise my babies, that is when I decided to become a photographer.

_MG_1000TJames 1:27 Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

Our family mission is to travel this world bringing Hope, unconditional love and meet simple needs of those less fortunate. This photo is from 2014 where we were overseeing an orphanage in Guatemala for a month. We also reached out to the communities in the city that had no source of clean water and lived in tin shacks. Our children loved our time there and look forward to our next adventure. Since then we have been working closely with a community in the Philippines bringing sources for clean drinking water and feeding malnourished children.

_MG_9500T1. I'm a silly gal that likes to laugh and have fun.

2. Most of my life I have been surrounded by boys and testosterone! Between my dad, six brothers, hubby and two sons I have had to have a sense of humour and learn to defend myself. Thank God I just got my girl 4 years ago and we are having fun.

3. I love to sing, sing, sing! In the shower, at home, in the forest, with my kids and of course in Church.

4. Chocolate is a part of my daily diet, I don’t like coffee and I am known for making some pretty awesome pies and fudge, hehe

5. I am one of those right brained people, I used to think it was possibly the only side I used

6. I am artsy, and get some serious satisfaction out of creating anything myself.

7. I love to keep things simple in life. We live in a house in the country where we can be loud and run free

8. Most importantly, what defines who I am is my heart after the God of the universe. I love photography, art and all the other pleasures in life, but nothing in this world could ever match or replace the Love of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins.

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